A Newbie In Need of Some Assistance

Greetings my dear traders.

Just graduated from the School of Pipsology and wow, so excited to learn more and find my trading niche. So far I’ve come across a few obstacles. I’m using mt4’s demo account, and the option to close a trade is not highlighted. I’ll highlight the trade in the terminal but no progress. What can be done and is there another way to close out a trade?

Another obstacle I’ve stumbled across is using mt4’s demo account on my iPhone 6. Not sure why it doesn’t
let me place a trade. I can make a trade using Instant Execution with no problem. When trying to place a trade for example; using buy limit, the Place tab is not highlighted. Not sure what I’m not doing correctly in both matters. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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You should check your journal (tab in the terminal).

there are all the error messages for when you try to close a trade and it doesn’t work.

do you mean you couldn’t close your positions?

I am never use Iphone but I am ever use android platform and although sometime too long time connect to the server but still can run smoothly which still can to manage account, but more comfortable using mt4 for pc all easy to executed use instant execution or pending order, mt4 for pc also we can analyze the market with larger screen.

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I haven’t been able to close a order to see it in the journal. I can see all other activity. The tab doesn’t highlight…not sure what’s happening.

The tab to close order a is not highlighted. Everything else is working fine…

On my laptop the close order tab is not highlighted. I agree, rather much trade from my laptop but when on the go I want to be able to trade from my mobile phone.