A Noobs Journal - time to give this a shot

USDJPY is moving up. Big push towards 158? Hopefully yesterday’s high turn to support and we keep moving up.

3 losers, 2 winners.

Had a nice 50 pip winner on GBPJPY but not enough size. And a 25 winner on a USDJPY long.

But the losers got me again. Average size is too big. This is where a fixed stop would help minimize the loss, but I think that wouldn’t give me enough breathing room.

Back to the drawing board.

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Last 7 days, 4 winners, 6 losers.

Winners of 26 pips, 44 pips, 28pips and 10 pips. 108 pips won.

Losers of 30 pips, 26 pips, 21 pips 15 pips, 22 pips and 35 pips. 149 pips lost.

Average win 27 pips
Average loss 24.80 pips

4 loser trades were actually profitable before turning around for losers, anywhere from 7 to 35 pips.

I’m thinking my stops are too tight. I’m using market structure, but looks like I need to go farther maybe to the next swing high/low.

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Ha, two trades today. 1 winner, 1 loser. Net 1.2 pips profit! Ha!

30.2 pip winner, 29 pip loser.

Still trading on USDJPY and GBPJPY. Forever and always. Might need to venture out to some pairs maybe.

Also investigating a ton of different indicators. I have 3 different tabs on TV set up with different combos. Still trying to figure out the best mix.