A prove that IC Markets does stoploss hunting

I’ve got a prove from IC Markets to show that they did a stoploss hunting. I left my robot trading on the same server, same settings between demo and live accounts. My demo account grows 46% and my live account loss at 1%.

Left is demo account - Right is live account

Now I’m 100% sure that they’re NOT TRUE ECN broker because they’re obviously didn’t want to see your account grows for bigger commissions. What they wanted is to steal your money directly like a cheap thief. I’m in a doubt that they may just even pass our orders to another small companies/banks which they created/cooperated and called themselves a TRUE ECN BROKER while they put your money in their own hands and steal your money.

I also aksed for their tick data for 99.90% backtest and they just gave an excuse that the file is too big to record and forward me to another company to provide tick data, the real answer is NO they can compress it to be a really small size into few hundreds of MB, they may just scared of investigations, and for sure that they do manipulate prices by their robots. I think they’ll choose the accounts that make profits to let robots watch and auto stop hunting, also to trig massive slippage on those accounts 24/5.

I’m thinking about moving to another broker. I wish I’ll find an honest one. If anyone know an honest TRUE ECN broker which best for scalpers , let me know then I’ll be appreciate and thankful.

I did try LMAX and Dukascopy, but they didn’t work with my scalping robot on demo accounts.

Why not try trade copy,
So u copy ur demo trade to real server

If demo open trade ,real to opening a trade vice versa

it’s my understanding that some demo pricing while using a live feed is delayed some number of minutes from live accounts.
mho ymmv,

This is really weird the discrepancy is crazy, you can’t simply blame the slippage or widened spreads because first trade made decent money on demo, but somehow were not closed on live. What are your take profit settings? I see that for demo its is 1.1161, but 1.117 for live (EURUSD trade)

I don’t understand this…

…these are different trades…

…are you saying that your robot consistently makes money on demo accounts, but lost of real trades because the Bucket Shop u are registered with moves their interpretation of underlying asset against your Stop Loss orders?

I am a total novice to cfd brokers and have only just opened a demo account with FXCM, so pardon me if there is something I aint getting here…

…but a cfd broker’s market is based on the actual market for the underlying asset, right? They just can’t jimmy around with their own order books to create their own special unique market whereby Stop Loss runs are all part of the show?

@MatDerKater… Unfortunately… yes they can… that’s why FX Brokers are called Market Makers (Bucket Shop) and all your trades (retail) are placed in an OTC Market… not the real InterBank Market that you are lead to believe.

Possibly the main reason for @ponta’s results are generally a Brokers Demo price feed is different from their LIVE account feeds.

Hope this is of some help. Cheers


You can’t get access to FX interbank market because transaction sizes there are estimated in millions and billions. That’s why to make FX accessible for retail clients CFDs were created and special market for it. You. don’t need to buy currencies but result from the speculation will be basically the same. Since CFDs are traded on OTC market different brokers can have different prices you can’t do anything with that, and can’t prove who has correct price and who cheats.

Lets first understand market mechanics before demanding something unrealistic.

I have always throught IC was one of the better ones.

Yeah, but the point is that FX market is decentralised, there are several pools of liquidity but different banks (liquidity providers) can provide different quotes. Arbitrage forces make sure that they are roughly the same between banks but it’s not the case during high volatility or when liquidity declines worldwide (Asian session, Friday rollover, overnight rollover etc.). Go with ECN brokers like Tickmill or Hotforex, FXCM probably works using STP technology.

Seems a bit of a silly idea to trade with cfd broker’s then doesn’t it?

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@MatDerKater, Couldn’t agree more… Now, try and trade FX without a CFD Broker?

Is the correct answer…don’t trade FX?

@MatDerKater, your funds are at risk, no doubt about that…

You could trade penny stocks which don’t require CFD access to the market, but they have their own inherit issues as well.

Fk this…

…may as well just wire my capital straight to some shady financier’s Swiss bank account…

…do you know of any who are having trouble keeping up with the docking fees for their private yachts?

Will you tell me, that I got filled because of the fast market or it was stop huntging?

That honestly might not be a fair comparison because in demo accounts the prices are somewhat delayed. Why that happens, I am not sure. Have you tried trailing stop loss, I find it to be much more better and seen it being less of a nuisance when its levels change with changes on the chart. On ecn (fxview) and stp (admiral markets) both I find it to be much effective than traditional sl. And tbh stop loss hunting does happen but it’s not the brokers doing but the big investors. But again, that can’t be long term, ultimately its the market that drives the prices and everything related to it.