A sad day for Democracy and Free speech

Today Google takes down Talk Radio and simply denies those with an enquiring mind - any opportunity to hear any REAL debate !

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And why ? One may ask !

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I read the channel was taken down as it was promulgating medically incorrect information and encouraging people to take unsafe decisions with regards their health. I don’t know if they broadcast suchlike but if they did, Youtube wouldn’t have had much choice.

The second vid I posted addresses such an allegation - there will be more dissection from sources with better research later.

The question of what exactly constitutes an “unsafe decision” - in the face of uncertainty - is indeed something which needs to be addressed - by discussion - NOT BY BANS !

In Fact here is Micheael Gove on that very subect - ON Talk Radio !
M Gove on free speech

[Actually - I am finding my attitude increasingly warming towards Gove ! :confused: ]

I did listen to the second clip but it brings in no further concrete information.

Talk Radio is Mainstream Media and is OffCom Regulated - there is then a valid complaints procedure in place.

You Tube have no apparent right to censor what is published by a Mainstream organisation - In fact I have heard you argue the same - that You Tube et al have immunity from legal action since they are NOT responsible for what is published on their threads.

So are they (You Tube) “Publishers” or not ? Their S230 protection is based on Non-censorship ! So why do they consistently de-platform any content to the right of Chairman Mao ?

And is this consistent with their paying lipservice to S230 ?

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Talk Radio are back on YouTube

See Andre Walker YouTube.

There is always another uncensored platform Bandnewtube.com

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Thank you @Johnny1974 I just watched both his vids about the issue and He says Michael Gove actually “intervened” :sunglasses: - Maybe he did maybe not but like I said earlier - I am warming towards Gove !

However what Andre says is right - WE can fight back - in our own small way - even if that only means publicising the matter on a Trading forum !

Time for all of us to stop being so Passive-defeatist ! In the face of what we see all around us by way of abuse of our freedoms and the mealy mouthed garbage of teh Postmodernist Neo-Marxist Id Politics !

Time to stand up and be heard - Populism Rules !

Thank you for your video Andre !

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Youtube is a privately owned privately funded organisation and although they must comply with the laws of the jurisdiction in which they provide services they also have the right to use or ban whosever content they wish. Its like a shop or a pub or a club or a gymn - they can admit you or they can bar you and its entirely their choice. If anyone thinks they were barred unlawfully, they can take them to court. Otherwise they can go to some other shop or pub or or club etc.

Seems like TalkRadio has been reinstated by Youtube.