A simple strategy. Very high profitability

I have a strategy, very simple but very powerfull. And I would like to automized it.

TF 1 H.

Point 1.-The EA will open a trade at candle open time, if previous candle is Bullish will open a buy order. If previous candle is Bearish the EA will open a Sell order.

Point 2.-After one hour the EA will close the trade at the close of the candle. I don´t care if is in profit or not. And will repeat the process as indicated in Point 1.
I don´t want any indicator on it. Make it simple.

Anyone could code it please?

If you don´t believe check the attachment.

Thank you

BTCUSD.pdf (391.5 KB)
EURUSD.pdf (391.4 KB)
GBPUSD.pdf (391.4 KB)



I forgot one important thing, because this strategy is more profitable in some forex session the EA will have a trading hour option.



Hi, just a couple of questions.

Does your testing account for a spread?

What time do you start and stop?


TakeMeOut.ex4 (17.3 KB)

I’m not sure how you’ve got your results, but this strategy is just not working :slight_smile: I’ve written it before and tested longer than I should. I’ve written it again and please find attachment. Have fun.

I can code it easily enough. Is this every candle? When one order closes does another open?

I’m very skeptical because I’ve tried this and it was terrible. What times are you trading?

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Doesn’t make sense to me. Any strategy or indicator based strategy not mixed with a little price action is a total waste of time.

No tested taking into account the spread.
Regarding time the best is two or three hours of each forex session.


Profit EURUSD April 27-2022.pdf (391.9 KB)

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Well, maybe, but you need to choose the trading hours and the adequated pairs, for exemple this strategy didn´t work with AUDNZD or Crude Oil.

I am doing actually a test with BTCUSD and today I have a profit of 120.35 Euros, in demo account.in 9 hours. And I know the best time to trade at least 5 currency pairs. Still not finish my checks.


the time frame is 1 hour.

EA need to close the current candle and openin the new candle with the same trend direction than the previous one. Please read the first post.

Thank you.

Please try it.

Dear Wilczasty,
I can’t limit the trading time, it’s continually opening trades every hour and that’s not what I want / expect, could you help me?

Thank you :+1:

Dear Chesterjohn

Please include in your code the possibility of open the new trade against the trend of the previous trade. :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks like you’re using MT4. I use MT5, so you won’t be able to use it.

Not sure why so many people use MT4.

Good morning Chesterjohn,

It´s easy code, could you modify in order to use in MT4?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t have MT4 and I’m not installing it to write software for other people for free, sorry. It’s not just copy and paste, there’s many differences and it all takes time

What really matters, I suppose, is how effective the strategy is, regardless of how simple or complex it is. Strategies should be developed in accordance with the individual’s preferences.

i can code for you with one condition
before coding im going for data science and collectiong data for best time to trade but it’s your strategy and you have to get me allowed to public this strategy in a community

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