A small Honor for this group

I m new here for many but I have been a regular reader of this forum. I got a lot from this forum. I wish to return a small token of appreciation. A few eager forex friends of mine and myself were looking for this since months.Its automated Linear trend finder. I found this luckily. I am not a coder, but I am sure this will do a lot of good to many forex traders. I have a code which I found in AFL code( its a C progamming code.) Its one damn good code. Please convert this afl in mq4 and let everyon ENJOYYYYYY. I am adding the raw file here. you need to open it in Amibroker to see the signals.
IMPORTANT NOTE- The signals repaint…so you will have to ensure it doesnt repaint in your MQ4.
GodSpeed friends.!!!

Hello, glad to have you in our forex community! Thanks for sharing this one.

Thanks for Sharing starpower!