A Tale of 2 Halves

Well, firstly my weeks trading ended up, a lot of trades went my way, Friday was an eventful day when a couple of trades took off, a couple of pairs the USD, Euro and GBP all proved positive trades.
For instance the GBP/NZD sell, I took profit on 21st, the and the bulls kept its downward trend going jumped back in on 22nd and took a bigger profit.
Unfortunately Indices proved my Achilles heel, note to one’s self, follow your trading plan, but overall plenty of trades, mostly traded with trend.
For the month slightly disappointing, too many indices trades cost me first half, sentiment played too bigger a part in my trading plan, you’ll see where it affects my figures.
Weekly pips: 525.1 pips up
Best Trade: EUR/JPY
Worst Trade: DAX
Monthly: 70% hit rate
Account Percentage Change: -1.77%
Finished all trades Friday, so nothing going into August, start a clean sheet Monday.
Have a good August all, all the best for your trading.

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