A THIRD-OF-A-MILLION members --- Congratulations, Babypips!

Sometime early this morning, the Forum was joined by member number 333,333.

Nobody knows who he or she is — but, if YOU joined today, WELCOME!


Great milestone for the site!

I see that number has grown to 333,601.

That means today we reach another milestone, 333,333 members no longer contribute …

Aint that the truth!

If you look around the place you only see a small group of regular usernames & even less active contributors.

I bet there are no more than perhaps 100 of that membership total who visit & post on the forum on a regular basis. Yet every week the forum is flooded with new members posting in the introduce section, contributing just 1 post which doesn’t register on the count list.

Talk about massaging the figures lol.

I wonder how many of the 333333 took the time to study at the school