A third of online reviews are fake

For those trying to take advantage of Cyber Monday or just the holiday deals in general! :open_mouth:

Is this really a surprise though?

I’m not surprised. My mother spends a bunch online. I’m often concerned about her identity. I used to sell insurance for that.
Don’t vendors and sales people have return policies?
After reading that question, you know I don’t get out much.
Thx Reno

Easy to pay for reviews these days

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How so? Do you mean she leaves reviews also with her real name?

You said it.

I don’t know that she reviews, just knowing she’s buying online makes me nervous.

Yeah hopefully she’s not using “password” as her password. :sweat_smile:


Actually, that’s something I would probably do. I don’t get out much. LOL

Well… if you could also tell me which online bank accounts you have? HAHA. :rofl:

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@ponponwei OK, OK, I get out more than that. I’m just a very private person. LLLove trading though.
Greetings, Reno

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If I am buying any kitchen appliances online I try to look for any videos showing them working before I make a decision.

Darnit! Haha.

Same. Are you also the type to buy the separate appliance insurance? :sweat_smile:

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i’LL BUY insurance on big ticket items. Anything over $100. yep. I don’t mind spending money on that. I don’t buy cheap stuff though either.

Agree with you.

For online shopping, its better to buy from renowned brands only.

I didn’t even know that was a thing, actually.

Its become popular lately. Can even buy bots to do it for you…

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Not sure how long it’s been around but I think the past two years? Just recently bought something from Target and it had that option. What’s cool too is it covers replacement for however long your insurance is (usually 2 years).

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Huh, you learn something new every day. :smiley:

Useful if you always have things breaking. :joy:

There seems to be a lot of fake and scamming things on the internet.

I think everyone is just trying to make the most out of what they have / do what they can so if it involves scamming another person, then some people may do just that. We can take responsibility though and be more proactive in dealing with this kind of “world” we live in now. I think it’s futile to blame anything at this point because we just have to accept and adapt, fortunately or unfortunately. :slight_smile: