A Trading buddy, who is serious

I am a trader, i trade anything and i am looking for a buddy or friend to share trade ideas and possible setups, i do’t normally use indicators except for the stoch (14,3,3) and EMA of 50


Hey, i just came across your post and just wanted to stop by to says hello.
Im interested in the ideas of sharing thoughts about the markets and strategy. Also, Im looking for a good and consistent trader to team up. We trade and have investors follow. DM me if you are interested. Thanks

Hi, I want. !

Hey just saw your post! let me know if you ever wanna talk trades im always down

Greetings Traders. I am one of the trader and currently i am doing one youtbue channel for forex new traders to learn more about forex trading. This is a free work i did to empower new forex traders. Please have a look and share with your friends who wish to involve in forex trading.

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Let’s support each other :slight_smile:

I put high emphasis on indicators. I use a blend of bollinger bands and RSI.

It’s not good idea to learn from someone who doesn’t have much skilled. From others people ideas you will get confused. Your own judgement power will not evolve. So it’s not a good idea.

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Good idea. I do scalping with price action.

How are we going to start this? We all have different trading styles.

It’s good to be serious about forex trading. But it should not be the only thing that you should be concerned about. Don’t forget that you have a family to take care of and a life to live. Trading is fine but don’t take it too seriously. Trade only when you are ready to risk your money.

Hello trader…I’ve been backtesting the stoch as well for days now but it’s all seems to be a reflection of the price actions not the other way round.if you don’t mind can you put me thru a little on how you apply it to make a profitable trade

Anybody from PA? I’m down!

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I’m not from PA, I’m from South Africa and I’m interested, if you still are

I am interested if anyone is still interested hit me up!

Stopped here to say Hello i know i have been a member for a year now and not been posting much. However i came here interested in teaming up. I have 3 years experience into forex trading and i have gained some thick skin in the financial markets Am into Technical Analysis mostly and trade pure price action with mechanical market structure. Anybody who is still interested let me know and we see way forward.

May the Pips with you in profits! :smile:

I would suggest we have a discord group and we can be sharing more ideas and risk managements. What do you think?