A trading fund analysis - scorpionfx.com

This is my attempt to run an analysis of a company that is operating as a trading fund. I immediately found a couple of issues that were blaring red flags to me, such as their claim to be in the guiness book of world records for having placed 1400+ consecutive trades and they also claimed to have been feature or interviewed on major news/trading portals.

i searched for their domain name “scorpionfx” and i found a post at forexfactory where they commented that they had tried using the signal services of scorpionfx, and that the results were not good, but i did not see any comments where anyone noticed the obvious lies that they were in the guiness book and that they had been featured in several fairly well known news/trading portals.

it is my opinion that i am a bit of a jerk in pulic… i do understand this issue, but it is something that i can not change any more than someone who is mentally retarded can just snap their fingers and not be mentallly retarded any more. I am hardwired as an antisocial, period. this aspect of my personality causes me to see things differently than most of you do.

anyways, here goes my analysis of scorpionfx.com

when i read one of their early wordpress documents, i see that they mention a “mt4 volume indicator”, which is literally impossible to calculate in the forex because it is not a centralized exchange… at best, one can only know the volume at a specific broker or at a specific liquidity provider, assuming that the broker or LP makes this information available to the trader. this document almost seems like it is auto-translated from another language, it contains so many errors.


on their homepage ( scorpionfx.com ), they mention that they pulled off more than 1400 sequentially profitable trades, which is not likely true. in fact, they say that they hold a “GUINESS WORLD RECORD”… somehow, i find that to be questionable… i cant find anything about scorpionfx or scorpion on the guiness website.

i would like to see a link to that guiness world record for 1400+ profitable trades… i recognize that they might in fact hold this record, but i would like to see a link to it.

sometimes when people tell lies, they tell lies that are so outrageous that nobody even thinks to question it.

when i read their “performance page”, it has nothing but nonsense on it that only beginner traders would believe, yet they openly claim to manage funds of instituitional investors.


and here is the clincher, the video that shows the three operators(i assume) of scorpionfx sitting at a desk shuffling papers and shaking hands, lol:


do these guys actually expect me to believe that they hold a world record for pulling off 1400+ consecutive profitable trades? oh yeah baby…

also, on their website they claim to have been interviewed on several mainstream news/trading sites, which i seriously doubt.

my bandwidth is very slow at the moment, which makes it somewhat tedious to watch videos, but even so i knew when i saw that claim that they hold a “guiness world record” for having placed 1400+ consecutive profitable trades i immediately went into full alert mode and i was pretty much sure that i was reading a snow job.

they plainly say that they hold a “guiness world record” for having placed these 1400+ consecutive profitable trades and they say that you can learn about this on their performance page…

but when i watched a video on the performance page, they explained that they were denied a place in the guiness book because of some silly reason or whatever…but they still openly claim to hold this record, lol…


i want to tell you that they are LYING about having placed 1400+ consecutive profitable trades, which simply disgusts me.

i am betting that many newbie investors plopped their money down into these fraudsters hands and that they never saw their funds ever again.

and, as i stated above, i seriously doubt that they were ever featured on any of those major news sites, such as thomson reuters or cnn money or wall street journal or cnbc or bloomberg or investors business daily or the financial times.

now, please recognize that i almost immediately recognized these issues, while traders at the forexfactory actually reviewed their site and simply decided to give their signals service a try and apparently their signals were crap. which means that nobody at the forexfactory even recognized these obvious discrepencies on the scorpionfx site, which means that they are clueless about how to conduct due diligence.

i rest.

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