A very simple scalping strategy

Set up: Heiken Ashi candles. Bullish GREEN candles have only ONE wick on top, bullish RED have only ONE wick on bottom. All other mixed colour candles and extra wicks are possible signal trend changes.

5M & 1M charts.

Indices: DAX FTSE (London session) DOW NASDAQ (NY session)

Look for a trend on the 5M chart and if verified on the 1m chart open a trade. Bear in mind, unlike currency pairs, the minimum lot size for indices is 0.10.

The aim is ‘A’ to cut losing trades quickly, so beware in volatile sessions to add a S/L And ‘B’ to find a winning trend that can add more positions, with the safety net S/L moving to breakeven.

Where and when you take all or some of your profits depends on the candle movements on the 1m chart.

Once you get the hang of it you’ll be able to open trades with a S/L within a minute, and close trades in seconds.

The rationale is whatever your win/loss ratio is, the most important factor is making more profits than losses. Hence the winning position additions. And Indices are built for fast price action - no time for sleeping.

Best of luck.

BUt does it work???

I’ve been following a pro trader’s live trades for at least one year every day. Yes, it works.

There is one criteria, an understanding of how indices markets work. However, that’s for you to find out.

IMO every strategy I could post would be tweaked and changed by those who think it’s rubbish, and/or they could better. There are no guarantees trading the markets

So, it’s up to you whether you try it out or not.

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You are a full time trader?

Yes, although I have enough income to pay for my living expenses. I relate to FX trading as a hobbyist challenge.

This year, five consecutive green months.

can you please makes sure your return ? and are you a full timer part ?.

I cannot understand your questions.

that is great!