A very useful site to track scammers


I will use this topic to centralize my opinions about mentors/youtubers and everyone that has something to sell to aspiring traders.

Trading is extremely difficult.
Very few persons succeed in beating buy and hold spx500 with short term speculation.
Generally those few have a long trackrecord and manage a huge amount of money.
I am speaking about guys like James Simons, David Winton, Ray Dalio and Dunn .
These guys have a trackrecord of more than 20 years.
There are thousands of professional traders and fund managers, very few beat spx500.
These persons have MBAs and PhDs and despite it struggle to acheive 10% annualized and to close every year in green.
It is as difficult as designing rockets, everyone can mentor basic math and physics, but if you want to be able to design rockets you need a teacher that is able to design rockets.

Traders have a trackrecord, others are passionates, you don’t learn to design rockets from passionates.

If you see fraud and do not say fraud, you are a fraud.
Nassim Taleb

Hi CV.
Would you mind if I copied this onto another forum I frequent, it looks like something they would appreciate.


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Hi @eddieb
No problem.
Glad to be useful!

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Very useful idea. This website will save many newbies from being scammed and ultimately develop an aversion to trading.

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I wonder how legit this site is, because I have just had a quick look and I found one of their reviews to be blatantly dishonest.

The review states that FCA have evidence against a Mr.Nirav Shah which according to the FCA site seems to be untrue, they only state that he worked for Citibank with no FCA disciplinary or regulatory action. Tradingschools also state that Channel 4 News does not exist. Well, well, well, something amiss here methinks ?
This is only my first impression but visions of FPA spring to mind.

If it is working for you, go ahead. But I don’t believe in such a concept because you can never know when a scam awaits.