A Vouching System

I’m sure the owners are aware of the vouching system on Forex Factory.

Why do I think it’s a good idea?
How many “FX Honary” members have been banned?

Post count is no indication of a valuable asset to the BP Community - it’s quality posts from respected traders that add the value.

And it’s a vouch system that allows these people to be easily identified. It allows forum users to clearly see who has solid trading experience and writes useful and insightful posts as opposed to those who are merely expressing their ‘opinions’.

To my fellow BabyPips forum members - if you are reading this and agree with me feel free to comment below!

I think I mentioned that before somewhere, if we keep asking we might just get it.
how about you add a poll, some people are shy :wink:

Well a poll cant do any harm, so I’ve added one! :slight_smile:

Yes, I completely agree, a vouching system would be beneficial, it’s not perfect but it’s better than a post count based system.

How does it work?..I’m not a frequent user of forex factory…just look for any indicators from there now & then.

The more vouches someone has, the more respected they are by their peers. People offer vouches only to those who provide quality posts and clearly know what they are talking about.

In order to be able to vouch for someone, you must meet some criteria, for instance you must have made 500 posts and have 5 vouches before you can vouch for someone else.

Users that themselves have 4 or more vouchers can then vouch for other users that they consider to be worthy of a “quality stamp” as that’s what the vouchers are.

They can also retract a voucher if they should feel that there is reason to do so.

Don’t ask me how the adam’s and eve’s of this system got their first vouchers, I have no idea! :smiley:

I think Merlin probably knew well enough some of the top posters to just give them all rights from the outset.
The equivalent would be giving the present set of FX Honorariums 5 vouches to start with.

Quite likely yes.

You could say that someone who holds many vouchers is in good standing among those others with enough vouchers to be able to vouch for users.

That’s as close to the truth as you can get on an internet forum imho.

I see…well, babypips had something basically the same…it was called “Reputation” points. It was abused and subsequently disabled…lol.

It’s part of the individuals own responsibility to decipher the value of the written text just as in anything else you would come across on the internet.

Vouching would be a bit nanny state, would we not be defeating the object of learning by experience? If the gullible will not learn from experience won’t they always be gullible?

Why does it work over at FF then?

Vouchers are OK, but the biggest problem on message boards are Trolls, and in reality, until someone comes up with a way of Troll Control, message boards will continue to be a modern “High School”, where crybabies, and effete pseudo intellectuals hold sway.

IE, you ban a Troll, he disconnects his modem, it rotates to another IP, and “Bam” he is back in business. Or he goes to a coffee shop with his laptop, and gets another IP, creates another persona, etc. Our CIO has told me that there are a many low tech ways of coming back from a ban.

I am not saying I know the answer, but I have been visiting Trading sites since about '91, and have seen this as a recurring theme.

Now the other side of the coin is that Ad revenue pricing comes from site stats, and as such, sometimes the biggest losers and misinformation peddlers get the highest numbers, this adds to the stats and raises revenue in the long run. Yes it drives a lot of quality away, but in reality what sells is Crap, look at all of the stupid reality shows on TV, that lets you know.

For example, some Guru says that x broker executes against Banks, yet in all of their documentation the broker says that THEY are the counter-party to all trades. But since the “public” wants to believe they are executing directly with banks, and the Guru generates page views, they are left to “Guru On”.

So I think Rep Vouchers are great, they do not solve the greatest problem on any board.

The Ever Done Trying To Save People From Themselves VIPER

Thats just the point, it doesnt work at FF !, nor has such a ridiculous concept worked at any other trading site.

the term “circle jerk” springs to mind

From what I’ve seen it works just fine.

So what would you make of this for example?
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Now, that guy running that thread, is clearly a genius :smiley:

Paul Tudor Jones is a sissy compared to him :smiley:

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But seriously I think the forum concludes sort of where the grey lines are, in the 'famous words of Melanie Griffiths in Working girl, ‘make it up as we go along’, but a brand new member with a brand new post with URLs all over it, just shows a plain lack of decorum or maybe a deforum :rolleyes:

I think Sarah Connor says it better in Terminator 2:
[I]The Future Is Not Set, There Is No Fate But What We Make For Ourselves[/I]
btw, I’ve reported that spam post and it should be gone soon enough. I’m off to do those Hell Marys now :smiley:

So profoundly you put it, hail hail hail o990l6mh, oh wise one, you have done such excellent work with the post.

I shall personally vouch your integrity. :slight_smile: