You can visit zulu site, the process looks easy. but quite important to open an account in the same broker as signal provider.

Do aaafx really has tight spreads on major pairs?

why does it matter?

if you effectively “need” them, to use Zulu, then you need them

nobody’s going to choose Aaafx as a broker to open a forex account without needing to do so (or without it being advisable and convenient for them to do so) to use Zulu, surely?! pretty hard to imagine that Aaafx could be anyone’s first choice of broker for other reasons, surely?! :expressionless:

And I was beginning to think that this thread was a spam advert for Aaafx - surely not if you have been sucked into it @flamingoproxy :rofl:

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lol !! :grin: :open_mouth: :smiley:

let’s just say that the thread was started off 12 years ago by someone who never made another post in this forum at all … :stuck_out_tongue: :roll_eyes:

(the funny thing is that Aaafx is actually regulated in Greece, so there are actually plenty of worse brokers spammed here, like all the unregulated ones! :money_mouth_face: )

will have to end this post, now, because i’ve used up my ration of smileys for the weekend …


what kind? if we are talking about eurusd then that’s like by other ecn brokers.

does aaafx has bonuses nor new traders?