I´m starting with forex, please HELP, I want to start working with AAFX, are they good? Can I really trust them even though I´m from Paraguay? I don´t wanna be victim of scamers.
I need AAAfx because they are fully integrated with zulutrade

Hi, I just opened with them a Live Account 2 weeks ago. I sent them money and I started to trade with them… the system looks nice and I made already some pips. But make sure you choose the right SP’s.

But here comes the point. They work with Eurobank and as I understood, this bank has not past the EU-Stress-Test. Hmm, so I have opened a 2nd account with an other broker… I am still waiting how the trading will be between ZT and my new broker vs ZT and AAAFX. As I understand AAAFX is a the same or sister company of ZT so there a no pips they charge. My new broker is asking 1.5 pips/trade.

I will keep you updated…


Hello there I just wanted to update you on the recent events… Eurobank ( beginning of this month) merged with Alpha bank (the 3rd largest bank in Greece), and thus combining an equity of 146bn euros ($212bn; £129bn) (check BBC news). This will result into one of the biggest banks in South Eastern Europe increasing the core tire I way above the required (Basel II ) 5% benchmark… so no worries for any stressed tests;) I am also trading life with AAAfx and apart from the profit that they make for me, they have an excellent customer support - always there in case of problems. :60: I myself currently live in Argentina and so far have not experience any problems.

I am also very happy with AAAfx performance.The last 3 months I have seen improvement on most aspects - mainly on platform (MT4) performance and seeing less to no slippage. They also added CFDs, oil, gold and silver, plus another 29 currency pairs - you can see the differentiation and smart risk allocation :wink: I think they are in the right path and for sure I will keep using them. :59:

I wanted to share my very fast experience concerning withdrawal process by AAAf. I got my cash wired in my bank account within 4 days! :60:

6 months trading and I still support this broker …low slippage, low spreads and most important for me - no commission to use zulutrade…!!

Excellent broker , very fast executions and as they advertise very low slippage on zulutrade.

I am also with this broker…fast execution, no problems with open positions, my providers are also working fine with it. Most important for me is no commission with zulutrade :54::54:

and what about the slippage? how is bad is it?

well, when times are turbulent there is some small slippage but you can hedge and choose signals that also have their account with aaafx and then you can limit it even more.

great!! I get full refund right, read it somewhere on the site, in case it gets too turbulent. correct?

Exactly! But I am sure it is examined case to case, only in relevant ones though!

Thanks for the support guys:) it is always nice to read that smb else has also been or is on your path.
I am collecting the doxs and the cash and going to open an account with them. No more demo for me, it is about time to go live.

Sooo marge,
hows your aaafx account gooing?

does aaafx support crypto deposit withdrawals?

yes, they do!

I read about aaafx regulation, as I undestand it’s from greece. are they good?

yea, regulated in both greece (HCMC) & sa (FSCA)
the broker is good, been using them for a long time, and no complaint! :+1:

regulated broker. so be careful if you are crypto addicted

How to connect zulu and aaafx? is zulu really useful?