AAFX Trading reviews of pros and cons

AAFX never once said they are regulated in Hong Kong. What they always only stated was they have a office space in Hong Kong. Those “recovery” ads are scams in itself. I suspect many bizarre reviews are done by spammers & idiots who blew their acct. All businesses set up in Malaysia must honor Islam practices. That is the reason they were able to setup as no swap brokerage with liquidity providers.

how do you withdraw your money from AAFX and how long does it take?

I usually wait for the sum to exceed $500 and do the bank wire. Funds normally arrive next day. For smaller amounts I’d suggest using the credit card, but I don’t know how long such withdrawals take.

i never heard of a bank wire withdrawal taking one day, are you in the U.S.

EDIT: with credit/ debit card you can only withdraw what you deposit all profit must be withdraw other ways

SWIFT used to take 3-4 business days like 5-10 years ago. If you provide all the correct banking info including intermediary banks (if required), you are very likely to get the money in 24-48 hours nowadays. But it depends on the bank on both sides (sending and receiving bank). I haven’t done any withdrawals from AAFX yet, but I have enough experience regarding this matter as I receive wires for freelance jobs. Non-US.

Well… yeah. I guess… Anyway, with this limitation on the leverage you can feel safe at least in regard of accidental trades. You know, when you put another zero to the lot size accidentally. Now I know broker simply won’t let me do this.

i was talking about withdrawals from AAFX, if anybody done a withdrawal with them, the method and how long did it take

I remember you sad the current leverage is 1:200. That’s quite enough to tell the truth. Safer than 1:2000 for sure, but still this is a lot. With account size of couple thousand I won’t dare using it. But could be a golden middle for under 1K accounts IMO.
How do you like the broker so far by the way?