ABDB Trading system

Hello All. I am a calibration technician trying to learn Forex. Please let me know what you think of my new system.
Price (Action), is used to determine a bias on daily charts. I rapidly scan all available pairs for the best set-up or set-ups using basic candle stick formations as other threads show. I choose only the best looking set-ups.
I then look for them and/or a (Bollinger) bounce, breakout, or squeeze on 8 hour charts. I wait or check another pair if this shows movement that disagrees with my bias.
If its a go, I look for (Divergence) on 1 hour charts. I use 1 hour charts to determine possible entry, stop, and limit. I wait as required.
Then I use (Bollinger) bounce on 15 then 5 min charts to fine tune my entry, waiting as required.
My chart set up = BB at 2 + 2.5 and MACD.
Please let me know what you think.
And yes they are all stolen systems, just used in 4 layers.
EDIT:Look for channels on slower TFs. Use fib and S/R .levels on 1 hour TF.
It also looks good starting with PA on weekly charts or possibly starting with 8 hours charts.

I will elaborate on channels, one of the other layers I am looking into.
Always beware and be-aware of the power of the longer term channel over the shorter term trend. Look for similarly shaped channels on other system time frames.
I hope to test/demonstrate and talk about other layer more on my demo soon.
Sorry for the bad spelling, math is more my thing.
5 or more layers of confirmation is a lot of work.
I would like to rename the system to ABCDB out of respect for these channels.

My disclaimer: Only Demo this method(s). I went through the Babypips School about 10 month ago, Demo’ed a month and a half, then blew an account of my hard earned money, read more, went through school again. Being a noob is bad enough, don’t be a broke noob like I was/am.

Hmm still no replies/input. Is it too complicated, am I not explaining myself well? Do we think its a pipe dream that will never work. Remember im a noob, any additional input will be much appreciated.

So. I have 3 (at least) pairs, involving 4(at least) countries. Say, I’m not really seeing the "C"hannels. I’m going to look for 3 C’s, Cross-Currentcy-Corrilation, for an added layer.

:45:Other Rules/Notes
Do not use too many TF’s.
Use D on all TF’s.
The Time Frame used at the start and the ratio of the TF’s for each letter in the system ABCDB are completly up to each trader (the longer start TF, the stronger)(the longer the TF ratio spread, the weaker the system, and too short is weaker too(3-4?))(24 A-D used in this example is WAY too much).

The calibration of the starting TF and TF ratios to the current market and traders style is THE KEY.

The system is rapidly looking for "A"ction or lack of “A”, checking "B"ands for possible S/R lvls, watching for higher and lower TF "C"hannels, and looking for "D"ivergence or hidden D on all TF’s, (or other confirmation).

If this makes any sense to you at all, try working it backwards, searching for "B"B squeeze (lack of A), on fast TF charts first. Maybe call that the “Rambo Squeeze System”, its flashier.:wink:
:45:The amplitude, duration,and shape of the squeeze and area before the squeeze can be used as a mini-MAP to help estimate the possible direction and size of events(If you know the ratio and current position on the map). Do not just skip to this step. Get confirmation.
I think the ratio is changing and that this is the CURVE that gives this system its power, but makes it hard to grasp.
The KEY, MAP and CURVE have things is common and 1 can be used to find others(I think).
Add fundamentals, etc.
Nice guy, Sucker, or Fool?

40 pips off AUD/USD in one hour. Scalping the last B.
20 more off GBP/USD.
These winnings will be used temporarily to offset my temporary losses on my other pair USD/CAD.
My max loss is 2% or less always.

I wouldn’t and please don’t put money on it, but I am Long AUD/USD @1.04229
And Short USD/CAD @.9804

GBP/USD set up coming?

Aud [email protected] [email protected]
cad [email protected] [email protected] change before sleeping on this one.

Gbp/usd e=1.64468 s=1.651 l=1.63

I rushed the CAD and AUD trades, but think my other layers will kick in.
Any questions/comments?

Temp out of GBP/USD @1.64144, 32 pips.

Probably foolishly removed stop on AUD/USD.

AUD/USD stop at 1.0285
Long NZD/USD @ .82705, L=.85 S=.81

AUD is killin me.
GBP/USD @1.64036, L=1.631 S=1.6456

My risk is a little high, but I will sleep on it.

Ok. Im noobin this up good. I need to slow down and look at only 1 or 2 pairs. It might be too complicated.
Any combo of these letters can be used. “A” looking for action with the last “B”, or “ADB”, might be better for you.
Use it or lose it.

I think that should do it for the notes and rules. I could get into some of that stuff, but its really not that important right now. Just know that the way the longer term events happen influences the way shorter term events happen(and visa-versa, in a different and smaller way). The shorter term events influence the end of the longer term, or the area before the squeeze. But anyway as long as I have a decent KEY that matches a semi-recent MAP, and I have an idea of the CURVE, I should be able to go for a drive. This is all just theory, and I hope to find out soon if I am a fool. Any idea what kind of curve it might be? Bell? Can the MAP tell us anything, or the area before the squeeze?
PS-I don’t think my moma raised one. Writing it out seems to be helping me, and I hope you too.

So, I have told everyone about the MAP, how to estimate the CURVE, and how to make a KEY. I’m sure most of ya’ll can drive better than me. Any Questions, comments or concerns? Should I do a re-write so it makes more sense?