Aberdeen UK Meetup

Hey all,

So after trading for the last 3 years and going through the up the downs and the losses. I wants to see if there would be any like minded people in my area who would be keen to meet up and discuss ideas share journeys.

Main reason for me to organise this would be to just keep myself surround with people who have similar interests as myself and a desire to develop as a person and trader.

Anyway drop me a PM or if there is already a group meeting up get me involved I would be interested.


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Why don’t we talk about it here?

This is too far for me bit but it’s a great idea especially if you can get a local club together to learn from each other etc

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We can talk about it here but I would like to meet up with like minded people and learn from each other

New traders should visit the educational section to learn many new things.

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Thanks, Appreciate that.