About ask and bid price

By definition, the ask price is the price of selling and the bid price is the price of buying. So, I guess that this definition can’t be taken seriously because the seller that is selling some merchandise for a X price, he’s viewing this price like the price of the selling. However, the buyer that is buying this same merchandise by X price, he’s viewing this price how the price of buying.

Is it not true!?

So, would you suggest other definition more appropriate for ask and bid?

yes you are so right, omg really, i sugest we call it flip and flup price from now on.

can you organize a poll and a vote that goes world wide so everyone on the markets and stock exchanges and banks accept youre great awesome new idea?

id suggeast you creat a new webpage where you adress that issue and your great idea and get TV stations all over the world to interview everyone on on the streets letting them explain what a great idea and advance that is to the human kind.

It can’t be taken seriously [I]as you’ve defined it above[/I], perhaps.

That’s because your definition is oversimplified and inaccurate. A more expanded version (e.g. observing that the “ask price” is the price specified by the seller as the one at which his holding is for sale and the “bid price” is the price specified by the buyer as the one which he’s willing to pay, in the quantities specified) avoids that problem.

It’s gradually becoming increasingly clear from your threads in this forum that you’re almost obsessed by the precise and pedantic meanings of the terminology involved (even more than I am, myself, and let me tell you that’s saying something!), and that that’s significantly holding back your trading education. I don’t pretend to understand why, though. As I’ve observed in other threads, I wish I could help you along, much more, with your understanding of these and related issues, but I just can’t. And I strongly suspect that nobody else here can, either. :8:

No; I wouldn’t, because it’s an irrelevant waste of time, to someone who wants to learn how to trade successfully.

Don’t worry man! I’m studying the financial market and practicing trading every day! I appreciate every help and information that I received here!

For a trader to become successful in his trading a lot of market study is required and this is why we have to spend our time in understanding about them now :wink: