About futures and restrictions

Hello Everyone.

Now Binance is making trouble to people of French nationality to use the Futures, any idea of an other exchange that wouldn’t put some restrictions? I quite like the idea of being able to short with high leverage when needed.

Depends are you looking to spot short it or short a CFD of a crypto? If the latter then a few brokers out there allow that with decent leverage. I’m using CedarFX at the moment for crypto CFD trading and get 100:1 leverage.

Ha good, I can use Spot or CFD depending on the trade. But thanks for the tips.

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Seems you have to move away from regulation for the decent leverage now.

It’s true for the Fx,I didn’t know it would be like this also for the Crypto. But I’m ok even with x20-25. I don’t really like unregulated brokers though.

There is a 12yr old thread on this forum about offshore brokers, many of which are unregulated that are tried and reviewed. I’ll link it below but many of those offer the favourable crypto trading conditions missing in the regulated brokers. Many regulated brokers limit FX to 30:1 so you’ll be lucky getting anything more than 10:1 if any.

Have you looked at FTX?

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I used it to keep track of my investment portfolio. I was also a bit troubled by their ressent financial issues. But if it’s just for my Futurs account that could be a good choice. Thanks!