About Vaccine and the Hesitancy

Last night, I was watching a broadcasted government meeting and they talked about how there are still a lot of people from all over the world who are hesitant to get vaccinated. :open_mouth: Hmm. What are your thoughts on this? You might also wanna read this interesting article.

I think a lot of it comes down to conspiracy theories. People lack critical thinking. That goes both ways.

Whilst i do enjoy a good conspiracy i am 100% going to take the vaccine. The government is not about to kill the people who are paying them. Ive also had vaccines all my life and i am still healthy.

Ive met a lot of anti vaxx/ maskers. 95% of them are idiots. The 5% who are not stupid at least do their own research. I can respect people who think independently even if their ideas might be wrong.

(Research does not consist of watching hours of youtube videos and reading forums online)

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Too many people believe what they read on Twitter. That place is rife with negativity…

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I think a lot of people are just unsure about the speed with which the vaccines were made/released - which I can understand but also imagine if everyone felt like that, how are we going to move on from this virus. :confused:

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You’re forgetting Facebook.

But I understand the lack of long term studies could spook people. I just keep in mind that nothing is 100% free from side effects, and that the benefits, right now with current information, outweigh the negatives.

Vaccines don’t save lives. Vaccinations do.


Good news coming out of the Pfizer vaccine. A little more time has passed, so we get some more data.

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Hasn’t this been known for a while now, about this particular vaccine?

The Pfizer vaccine is definitely the one we’re eyeing. :open_mouth: I’m just not sure if we’ll ever get our hands on it. :frowning:

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I think for me anyways, it was more about the article stating specifics. Answering the question about what 94% or 97% means. 94% effective against what. Here it’s specifically mentioning symptomatic AND asymptomatic. I didn’t know there was a distinction.

Crossing my fingers for you. What vaccines are being offered to you? Do you have a choice?

I also just watched this excellent video from Vox on vaccination efficacy rates, and why we shouldn’t discard a lower performing vaccine simply because it’s a lower rate.

It’s pretty enlightening to see when and where the vaccine trials took place and why those two factors contribute to the different efficacy rates.

This appears to be a huge determining factor in why the J&J vaccine’s efficacy rate is so much lower than Pfizer and Moderna.

It basically comes down to asking the right question. Not which is better, but rather, “Whcih on keeps me alive”, or “Which one keeps me out of the hospital if I get sick”.

Best Quote of the Video:

Not one fully vaccinate person in any of the trials mentioned was hospitalized or died.

I’m okay with vaccination, i don’t believe in conspiracy theories, yet the vaccines have been just created, they’re too “fresh” to use, no one knows the long-term consequences, you know

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We would vastly prefer that one too, but so far we have no access to it. :frowning:

What vaccine is currently available in your country? :open_mouth:

Astra Zeneca, for the vast majority of people.

Where in the world are you @mlawson71, if you don’t mind me asking?

Pfizer and Moderna were the early options where I live, but J&J seems to be trending now.

This doesn’t help.

62 million doses of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine need to be checked for contamination and may need to be thrown out, the New York Times reports