Absolute beginner

I’m a 19-year-old Nigerian here to learn on how to trade and earn a consistently from forex.
I am not here to get rich quick or whatever I want to learn a lot and grow patiently to trade with profit and consistency! oh and get rich eventually.

Forget about getting rich. If you can get to a point where you can pull a liveable amount of forex markets then you can doing great. From there it can be scaled but not without getting the methodology nailed down. Focus on that and the money will come eventually.

The FX market’s job is to make money from the 85% of losing traders. Your job is to learn how not to lose money. Protect your capital at all times.

Start small and start with the intention of learning with adding a small amount to your account. Understand the pattern and practice accordingly.

Hello all, I am 47 yrs old and a total beginner. I guess you can call me a late bloomer with many interests. I am here to learn how to trade and suck it all up like a sponge. I am wishing to become a good trader one day soon. I am feeling full of life, but lets be honest, I am not getting any younger and can’t stand working for the man anymore. I had to make some changes, so here I am.