Account balance vs. Margin balance

Hello fellow trades, I am very new to Forex and opened a demo account to mess around in. I’ve been using 1 standard lot (100,000) for trades and have won 2 trades and lost 2 trades. My 2 winning trades were shortly after the 2 losses, resulting in my account balance being currently at ~48.7k and my margin balance being at ~51.5k. I have no other positions open currently, so I guess my question is, how the heck is my account balance lower than my margin balance if my 2 winning trades resulted in more profit than my 2 losses resulted in realized losses?

make a picture, post it here, easier to explain what you are asking.

black out the account number.

so you do have a open position at the moment.

simple: account balance is meant to be what is still available on your account.

margin balance is, as it seems, what is in your account including used margin and actual losses/profits.

account balance is what is available to you right now to trade.

do you have any orders pending? since the numbers dont add up quite rightly.

I had just opened that position to do some testing with this to see if it changed anything. I will close that and post another picture. the account balance was the same before and after closing that trade as well. I do not have any open positions now currently.

no idea, really.

these numbers should even each other out when there are no pending orders and open positions.

thou it could seem to me that your broker updated the number of account balance on a daily timeframe, so losses and profits are not deducted/added in real time but only the next day.

you had a loss on the trade before, and it isnt shown in te account balance at all in the way of the balance falling. but your margin balance changed by $30.

Yeah i closed the last trade as it went up $30 or so, but yes very confused at the moment, because I have a basic understanding of margin, but can’t figure out how I have more margin than account balance with no open positions. Maybe this demo account is just bugged or hasn’t been updated yet. Not sure.

seems to me the account balance gets updated only over night or so.

I guess we’ll find out lol. Thanks for the quick responses.