Account opening

How to open the demo or live account. I just finished to learn

Web search for a forex broker who accepts clients based in your country. Look for one which is large, well-established, with no scam reports across the internet, preferably based somewhere with strong regulations such as the EU, the UK, the US etc. (not Cyprus, the Seychelles, Bulgaria etc.).

Ask them for a demo account and a live account. Select a simple strategy from the site or the web or books etc. and run it through the demo account until you understand how it works under all conditions. Then start running it through the live account, making sure your potential loss per trade is a very small percentage of your account capital by using a stop-loss order.

That’s when all the fun starts.


I have to say I really admire and respect how you respond to newbie questions here @tommor. :clap:

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i think you got your solution by Tommor, thanks for the nice post with detail.

Start with a demo account. Any broker that has been around for at least 3 years should be fine. You will be more careful when you want to open a real account.

You can also check this lesson on how to open a forex trading account. :point_down: