Accounting Software for Tax Reporting

Does anyone know of a good platform that will connect to all the brokers and suck in all your trades and commissions and spit out a capital gains tax report please? I need it to be UK compatible.
Can’t find anything out there!
Thank you!

Hi Stuart,
Based on my own experience of now having to pay for the pleasure of reporting my own VAT returns to HMRC and having to buy one of their “approved products” every quarter, which is a simple macro that just converts seven data fields onto what used to be a manual form, I am afraid it would be a miracle if anyone wrote a programme that did what you are asking for all possible combinations of broker APIs, even if they existed.

By the way, are you not exempt from profits on trading accounts in the UK?

Hi Mondeoman.
Thanks for your response! That’s interesting - do you have a link to their approved products?
I don’t think I’m exempt, as although I just trade forex part-time, I thought only spread betting was exempt?