Accuracy of the zigzag indicator

Hello Babypips, I have been using the zigzag indicator on a demo account with at least 70% winning trades on a 5 minute chart.Is there anyone using it in alive account to tell me how accurate it is in the long run and what possible drawbacks it might have?
Thanks in advance.

Check out the picking cherries and apples thread mate there is alot of discission in there

ZZ tools are good! They really filter off noise pretty well. I do have a problem with the standard ones around; the formula might be consider subjective / complicated IMO.

Barros Swings are the best ZZ tool IMO due to the simple formula it uses. Here

Here is my critical outlook of ZZ tools / wave analysis. Here

Hope this hopes.

Its a good thread in general. I do want to see it progress too. However I do hope some form of statistical analysis can be applied to improve confidence via timing. That, will really take ZZ trading to the next level.

I found better zigzag indicator than MT5 default zz. Take a look! This name is “SwingZZ MT5 with not redraw” . I can not post link cause new user.