Accurate and Inaccurate Charts

FX Primus.


These are two charts from the MT4 platform.

One is from FXCM and the other is FX Primus.

The charts are the same as far as the H1 and earlier TFs are concerned. There is a difference of about two pips on the price levels but the total pip count per candle and all is the same.

Now the difference starts with the D TF.

If we are trading Candle stick patterns on D TF, then such a big discrepancy in the charts will be disastrous.

If you see the yellow arrow on both the charts you know what I mean.

I took a sell on the following day basd on the FXCM chart. I took 40 something pips and it went as far as 75 pips on a sell. But I assumed it to end as a bear candle and it would be a continuation of a sell today.

So obviously my chart reading was wrong as my chart itself looks inaccurate if I compare it with FX primus chart.

The FX primus chart has five D candles per week, FXCM has 6 candles. Futhermore, FXCM platform closes the candle at a different time compared to FX Primus.

I would like the input of senior traders in regards to this. Which is an accurate chart?? What time should the candle for the D TF start and close?

How do we avoid the near disaster like EU the other day??

For those who would like to see the trade itself please refer to

Post number 56. That were the charts I based my entry on.

Happy Pipping.

This is down to the broker’s setup. One is using EST close and the other GMT, most likely. It can make a huge difference on daily TFs but as you said, you won’t see any difference on the hourly. I’m not sure how to get round this as I am unclear myself on the best course of action…

Hi Nikita,

mrchilled is right on this one. It’s due to the time zone settings on each platform. The MT4 daily candle is always set to begin at 00:00 and the beginning time is based on the MT4 server time. FXCM’s server time is GMT for record keeping and MT4 does not have the option to modify the candle time apart from the server time. The chart will still be accurate in that it displays the same price history; however, the open/close time for the daily candle will be different.


Thank You Jason.

I got that fixed.

Happy Pipping.