Ackroyd & Stanley

Just wondered if anyone has had any experience with these guys, Ackroyd & Stanley. Been running a demo VPS acct with them for a few days and it’s producing profits. But I’m skeptical

Hi Dev22. Yes, been with them Live, for just on 4 weeks now. I started like you with a demo account, was blown away with the results over just under 2 weeks, so went live with £500. Within 2 weeks live my EQUITY balance was up over £700. Just as A&S were launching their Level 4 accounts for the lower balance of £1500, I added to my initial with a second account… This has made 88% in two weeks… YES you read correctly. Be skeptical but I’m a retail trader and I know how much can be made in these markets “when” you get it right. I wrote to one of the Co Founders a while ago just to say “thanks” and they have posted what I said in the testimonial part of their site. As far as I’m concerned these good people are the real deal… they way they make their money speaks volumes. Good luck anyway.

Hi harmattan, thanks for your reply. I’ve just been on £500 demo for a week or so now. I notice that it’s at near constant 10-20% drawdown but it banks about 3% daily. I was just worried that it’s some kind of high risk martingale that will blow every few months. The company seems to have like zero profile, in terms of people’s names etc, You have a background with bots? Interested to hear what you think. Dev

Hi Dev, around 2009 I became immersed in the whole world of automation and a spent a small fortune over the 18 mth period I was working with them (I know a programmer too so was trying to create bespoke). it didn’t work for me back then so I stuck to what I knew which was trading manually… and all the mayhem that can bring! I’m not going to sell A&S to you, but suggest you just think about this as I did around 6 weeks ago: “If I lost this £500 capital would it really mean the end of my life?!!”… For me the answer was “Heaven NO, I’ve lost before and I’m still here!”… But with every risk there IS reward, we tend to forget about that. Go back to the website and look over the sections that talk about drawing back your original capital so getting to ZERO risk. The recommend this. Hope that helps.

Thanks. I’ll probably give it a try. Dev

Hi again, got that email from A&S. Did you suffer losses at all? My account just started live so it seems okay. Dev

Two NEW members
5 posts between them
Instant success
Something to sell … does this tell you something?

I’m not selling anything, mate. In fact my posts are more skeptical. You could try reading before commenting perhaps

Very defensive response. Usual response of a salesman.
The response of your friend “harmattan” was predicably on-script as well.
Have seen hundreds of these conversations over the years.

New member asks for information/help/advice on proposed association with certain company …
Other new member - no previous posts - jumps to the rescue with the perfect answer - reassurance to the eyeballs …
Newby then says he will give it a try …
Newby then reports his wonderful early success …
When challenged on veracity, newby becomes quite indignant that he doesn’t know what you are on about … sigh.

“Skeptical posts” are used to give an air of honesty as most clued-up traders know.
Have been in this business since 2004 and have seen all of you jokers come and go.

Tell-tale is usually a recent join-up and association with advice on certain products.
Usually first posts.
Usually associated with another fly-in who also has a brand-new membership.
Usually a question about a product.
Usually a response to the newby.
Neither of these blow-ins "know each other."
Neither of them have made any other posts/or made any other significant contribution to the forum sites.

Your advice “You could try reading before commenting perhaps” applies to yourself.
I have already done my homework and you, buddy, fit the mould of the perfect scamster.

In fact in the forex business, rule #1 is to assume the proponent is a charlatan until proven otherwise.
I’d say with my eyes closed, that you are a couple of promoters drumming up business.
They all try it.

I don’t take offence at anything you say - been around too long to get offended by people who steal other people’s money. And I don’t apologise to anyone for pointing out the risk of following “experts” who give free advice to others, under the circumstances this has occurred here.

If you quack like a duck, look like a duck and get found in the ponds where ducks swim, you can’t get upset if you get shot at.

jesus man, you’re like just living in a whole world inside your head, where you’re like judge jury and executioner, and all those words! jesus! I make like one post about a trading site and like this whole judgmental fantasy world of yours is triggered to f. Like what happened to you, man? You got scammed pretty bad, and now you’re on this whole “scambuster” trip coz you can’t bear to feel your own feelings?

Typical defensive outburst.
Sounds like you have been up a few dry gullies yourself.

I’ve been scammed quite a few times, lost $12k in BCC for example. but, you know, it’s an emotional process, and i come out of it. i don’t end up totally locked-in and judgmental about forex bots, platforms, signals or crypto, whatever. i can come into a new project fresh. with ackroyd and stanley i’m checking them out on a low investment.

I stand by my post. You are too defensive.
The scenario fits like a duckpond.


Have a look at other newby posts on Babypips.
Hardly any responses when this kind of scenario is set up.
No one bothers with them.

My response to yours was a simple heads-up for new traders who genuinely come here looking for help - particularly with both signal services and trading robots.

There are thousands like you who have been removed from this forum over the years.
Ask the moderators.

Wherever there is a demand for money-making devices or systems, there are plenty of “helpers” to supply the perfect answer.

I wonder when scammers will grow a bit of real initiative and try something different.
But they are the same - also looking for easy money.

There is a way to make money from trading, and there are a few good systems and even a few good robots (EA’s) available - even free ones. But not easy money. No such thing.

But it not my role to advise people on what I have found, lest they lack the patience, ability or experience to operate those successfully.

So some go the easy road and try to take money from others who probably cannot afford to lose what they do invest.

That’s more information than I give the usual spruiker.

"Have a look at other newby posts on Babypips.
Hardly any responses when this kind of scenario is set up.
No one bothers with them."

You sound like a chatbot, dude. Trying to work out what’s real from people responses. Jesus! Some of us are actually human out here!

Good luck with your self-avoidant, scambusting BS man.

A&S “bot” has had some impressive moments, but i notice also that their is not up todate. It depends very much when you start for getting impressive profits to create a buffer for the inevitable reversals. I had a level three account with impressive demo record, and then a great start followed by the account being wiped out. A&S returned my $500. I also started a live Level 4 account which also started well, but now that £1500 account is £900, and there are losses of £300 in open trades so the Equity is £600. It has been struggling like this now for at least a month. What makes me nervous is looking at the open trades they take several positions with 299 pip stop losses, and these can stay open for weeks getting worse and worse. Subsequently there has been some hedging operation and new strategies brought in to close the trades more often and take profits. I haven’t noticed any great change in performance yet. I live in hope that the great performance of the start will come back

Yeah, I’m still in but my impression is that, like a lot of these things, the platform was running with good profits for a while, and then dramas have started. And that it’s not so easy to bring the bots back into regular good profit. But I like Dan, the guy who runs A&S, and I think he’s doing his best to make things good again.

Hey mate, how are you going? I have just signed up to another A&E website called points collection. I’ve got some friends that have been using it and are quite happy, but I’m struggling to find much information about it. Are you still signed up with A&E? Happy to chat privately if you prefer.

Hey owensy, no I dropped A&S a few years back and aren’t really trading these days, just holding a few bit and bobs longer term. Do you have a link to their new thing? Hope you’re doing good too.

Thanks for the quick reply mate! Ok sure - any particular reason for leaving?

Just got a bit bored of the whole scene really. A&S would give results for a while then it would all crash down at some point.