ACM broker

Im currently looking for a broker to trade on the forex market.

I was using the demo of this one “” and it seem “ok” to me but… I was wondering if someone here have something to say about this broker, good or bad.

Or maybe, some of you have some suggestions of good broker?



i use acm for my live trading. i am decently pleased with them. all thou i am going to be switching to dbfx soon, acm is a fine trading platform there spreads arnt that great but hey if your looking for a mini i would say yeah go with them. i would also recommend looking into dbfx.

Hello, :slight_smile:

so, may I ask why do you want to switch to DBFX?
In what are they better? :confused:


its that dbfx trades almost 1 trillion a day ( or 20-25% of the daily market ) acm is not a bad broker. i like them very much. there spreads are not the greatest . can i ask what size of account your looking to open?

Hi, I want to start with 20 000$ to see what I can do with it in the first time. But I don’t want a mini account.

Why that question?

i would go with dbfx if i where you. you size of capital is where i would recomend dbfx. i would still recomend using mini lots. but at the end of the day its your money not mine. so pick how ever you like or best suites you.

With such money you can open multiple accounts with software I�ve been using, it�s MAM (MultiAccountManager) it works with MT4 also with EA to manage your money efficiently.

Well, this is what Im trying to find out, what broker suite me best… So, at your opinion with that kind of money DBFX is more appropriate that ACM. Alright, but, may I ask why? I really want to understand why DBFX is better.


I used to trade with ACM, and also tried several more. But when I started to compare daily signals and feed, I decided to change to Tradeview Forex. I went demo and real with them, and I found some alternative platforms to trade on Forex.

dbfx is a company that fills orders for other companies such as Fxcm. there one of the biggest banks in the world.