Acm gold review

You ought to avoid such brokers like ACM Gold who charge a commission in addition to the spread. This is double charging and all who take trading professionally as a business must look forward to minimum costs! Please feel free to expose other brokers who do the same because in demo accounts they dont charge the commission!!!

it’s all depend on the account type. if you’re trading using ECN account type, there’s always a commision charged along with spread cost. and I don’t feel my account with Tickmill are double charging my transaction cost, for example at EURUSD pair spread cost average at 0.2 pips, along with 3,8$ commision fee for each 1 lot entry transaction. it’s quite cheap compare to when I have to paid 3 pips spread on the same EURUSD trading.
and the good thing is they put the same condition both real and demo account, so I dont feel being tricked when I moved into real account.