ACMBrokers in Nigeria

As i have promised, I have deposited #50,000 Naira into my live account with ACMBrokers! I do not have any complaints for now, as i am still testing the broker. There spread is very competitive, and there customer service is highly professional. I will test there withdrawal this week and update you guys very soon!

its a large amount you have deposit , by the way , before investing have you checked review about this brokerage ?

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this community has a broker section , its more appropriate to discuss in here. thanks

WTF you opened this same thread again. My advice once again on this thread, if you like open it a million times. Stay away from any broker in Nigeria. You are better off betting your money on games, because these kind brokers don’t want to lose and will do anything to make money off traders. The worst part is, if your account is touched, you have no one to complain because there is no working system in Nigeria.

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i have marked recently , so many Nigerian traders right now move in this forum and taking about their native broker.

Yes, I did check ACMBrokers review. Its a good broker. Although, they are not yet regulated because there are no regulators for forex brokerage in Nigeria.

Yes Melvic, I visited there Head Office at 14th floor, Cocoa house Ibadan. We discussed extensively, i think its high time we started appreciating our own products. ACMBrokers is the first indigenous forex brokerage in West Africa, its being owned by very few successful forex traders in Nigeria. They managing huge funds and making a lot of profits and proceeded to establishing a forex brokerage company. There are no regulators for FX brokerage in Nigeria & i was told that they have written to Security Exchange commission(SEC) in Nigeria to look into the FX Industry.

No regulators is all the more reason why you should stay away from the broker. Why would you even be bothered about this broker when there are better ones with better trading conditions?

@Ambrus STO is regulated in more than 5 countries where is STO today? its not just about being regulated its about the people behind the business. ACMBrokers is the first indigenous forex brokerage in West Africa, its being owned by very few successful forex traders in Nigeria. Very good people are behind ACMbrokers.

It is very obvious you work for the broker. No one is easily fooled these days.

I told you i had visited there headquarter in Nigeria to know the type of broker i want to deal with and to know the people behind the business. its as simple as ABC… nt a matter of working for any broker.

Exactly my position. Personally I don’t trade with any broker that adds money to my account when I deposit, as a way of doing promotion.
Reason - It would recoup the money and take the one I deposited, and look for more.

Meanwhile, I regard Nigeria as an unregulated environment, as far as forex brokerage is concerned; I rather go through the whole hurdles and trade with a broker regulated in US, UK, or Australia. If one man can wake up, start what he called MMM, scammed millions from people and varnished without traces up till date, who said a broker can’t do the same.

Any body who has some bribes to throw around can start a forex brokerage company in Nigeria, and fleece the populace.

having said that, there may be some genuine brokers in Nigeria, but as I don’t have the capacity to differentiate them from the fraudsters, I will personally, pass.