Acttrader How to remove this band

Hello guys,

I’m the new one of the day :wink:

Is it possible to remove this brown band ?

What is it for ?


Thanks for your help. Have a good day.

What platform is this? :slight_smile:

It’s in the title :wink:


Almost installed, so thanks for the link but …

Any idea about this band ?


It would probably be easier to diagnose your problem if you gave us a full screenshot of your of your monitor.

Are you aware if you have any indicators loaded at this time?

My first guess is that you have an indicator loaded somewhere in that mix… I’m not familiar with actrader but maybe try right clicking on the brown area and see if there’s an option to delete an indicator.

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Thanks for your help.

In fact, it’s just the spread.

I have make the print screen this week end when the market was close.

Now, it’s just a small band.


Glad you got it fixed.

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Thanks to you