Adding Crypto Open and Closes

Might be a nice feature to add crypto open and closes along with when Europe and China and USA starts per our specific timezones.

Thanks for the feedback, @johnnyringofwc. Can you share more about what you’d like to see and where?

You mention “crypto open and closes”. Can you provides details on what you’d like to see here?

Also, we have our Forex Market Hours tool that displays the various forex market trading sessions adjusted for your local timezone. Have a look!


Many times in crypto, you will read someone say:

Man, Asia is really pumping things right now!

Or, the USA is dumping at the moment.

If I am in Indiana USA, how do I know the start of the USA, Europe, and Asia start sessions and closes for the daily highs?

Will the Forex tool be the same for Crypto or does a crypto tool need added as well?

As it relates to the crypto, the market trades 24/7, and doesn’t have formal open and closing hours.

If you’re looking to time your trades to increased trading activity, you can just use the Forex market hours presented on our Forex Market Hours tool to get those session times.

That’s not a fool-proof approach, complicated by a decentralized market that exists all over the world, on centralized and decentralized exchanges, across many different time zones.

It’s also good to understand that increased market activity is just as likely to happen on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday in crypto, as it is during the rest of the week. That’s very different that in forex trading. Currency prices in previous cycles were known for extreme volatility on Fridays in the eastern time (ET) zone of the US and then again late in the evening on Sunday ET.

Bitcoin is the main driver of the overall cryptocurrency market, so generally speaking, when Bitcoin dumps, for example, altcoins do the same, sometimes with a lagging effect and other times without.

It’s generally a good idea to keep an eye on other markets in relation to Bitcoin price movements, as some markets are known for a positive correlation to how Bitcoin moves. Here’s an interesting chart plotting the correlation of Bitcoin to the S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite and Gold. The close a colored line gets to 1, the more correlated it’s movements are to how Bitcoin moves, and vice versa.

To view an updated version of the last 30 days, click here.

I sometimes like to trade off the daily high or low or the previous day or week.

I am simply asking if there is a way to correlate market hours to our location when we log in if we set our timezone?

It would also be nice to know when the asian session is starting from where I live, as another example.

The easiest way on the market hours request is using our Forex Market Hours tool, which adjusts to your devices time and time zone settings.

I’ll take your feedback about “crypto previous day highs and lows” to our dev team for review.

Thanks for the feedback.