Adjusting the chart scale for gann angles in tradingview

Hello my friends. I have a problem for a long time. I resarch to WD Gann and his theorys. According to Gann, market move spesific degree and he create a tool. But I cannot find how I can place on chart this tool. When I place 45 degree gann angles when I change the scale chart my all working is changing. Lines are changing and being meaningless. Could someone help me please? (sorry about my english)

Gann did his original work using charts on paper. Modern computerised charts re-scale as the range from high to low of the price range in view expands or contracts, so angles are never constant.

For example, the EUR/USD daily chart on my PC screen for the last month has a range of about 385 pips. But the EUR/USD chart for March has a range over 900 pips. So a line drawn at 45 degrees in March looks almost vertical if you expand the time range to 1 year. The lines should connect the same points but the slope angles will be different.

There might be a way to use settings to fix the high and low of your screen display but this risks cutting off some prices or compressing the chart into the middle of the screen.


Excellent explanation.