Admiral Markets announces important changes to Trading Condition

Admiral Markets already provides easy trading access to major currency pairs plus CFDs on stock indices, metals, energies, shares and bonds. But has now extended its offering.
From the session opening Monday March 28 2016, Admiral Markets CFDs on indices and commodities will be more:

[li]accessible, via reduced margin requirements and contract size
[/li][li]cost effective, via reduced spreads

[B]Leverage enhancements[/B]
The leverage rate on most popular indices, commodities and CHF currency pairs will scale up to 1:200, making these instruments more accessible for our traders.

[B]Contract size specifications[/B]
A number of popular index CFDs from Admiral Markets product list, will be given the minimal contract sizes available. This makes these instruments more accessible and allows the trader to more effectively manage personal trading accounts.

[B]Spread reductions[/B]
A number of index and commodity CFDs may also get significant spread reductions, which would reduce a trader’s spread related costs.

[B]Further changes
[/B]To provide the above-noted improvements, Admiral Markets will need to make liquidity pool changes and will therefore be updating its:

[li]trading hours on several instruments
[/li][li]trading hours on several instruments

For more information, visit Admiral Markets with full announcement or contact <[email protected]>