ADR indicator on MT4?

Anyone know how to add/see the average daily range and current daily range of each currency on the MT4 platform? If not, is there a website with minute-to-minute data that will give me this information? Many thanks.

This one will show at the top-left corner of the chart window yesterday’s
H, L, average of H&L, Pips between H&L. Graphically it will draw lines for H(red),
L(blue) and Average(yellow). I hope this helps.

Oops, the file didn’t get attached. Here it is.

This indicator is going to be very helpful thanks a lot.

But I was actually looking for something simple like this one circled in the top left corner

Tells you what the average daily range is, and how much it has already fluctuated- that way I can see if it is worthwhile to enter the trade or not for an intraday trade.

Thanks again.

How about this one. It will display at the top of the chart window the ADRs for
Today, Yesterday(1D), 5days, 10days and 20days.
It will also display the S/L based on half / three-fourth of ADR
Sorry, I only have the compiled file (ex4) of this indy in my pc but no source.

Awesome! Thanks. No worries about the source. I’m not very good at tweaking them anyways. These two should help out a lot :smiley: