Advanced Trading Strategies/Psychology Members

Hi there,

I’m reaching out to see if any one here trades using pitchforks, action-reaction, geometric patterns, or any of Michael Jenkins work with angles and cycles on forex or other related markets?

Or if you trade a different strategy, but acknowledge this as a [I]deep thinking[I][/I][/I] art that requires more than just blind assumptions from limited data and have walked a longer path with this evolving your personal psychology and strategy over time … please feel free to say hi/connect.

I know this site specifies “the beginner’s guide” but I reckon there might be some folks out there further along than that who might like to connect with someone who respects and has walked the steep learning curve of trading psychology and technical analysis.

Trading Live:

“If it gets exciting, something’s wrong.” – If you know that live trading is supposed to be boring and you must save excitement for research and discovery, that’s a plus :slight_smile:

Cheers/blessings to all

Care to expand a bit more on these?

This stuff?