Advice for a n00b

Okay so;
I was hoping someone would be able to give me some insight regarding my current situation…

I opened up an account with NordFX under recommendation from one of my peers, and went through the process of getting verified and everything but when I went to add funds to my cabinet account via Skrill, it wouldn’t let me, it says that the money on my Skrill account is not good because it was added using Mastercard (I am in Canada BTW) so I then tried sending that balance that was on my Skrill to my aforementioned peer’s skrill and adding it that to my broker account that way… but the same thing happened. its like the money that was converted from CAD to USD still had “tainted Mastercard money” tagged with it,

since I am still new to this, can someone point me in the right direction? how can I go about using this tainted mastercard $ that is on my Skrill account, is there another broker that would accept it or am I just sh!t outta luck?

Thank you for reading, I apologize if this is confusing to understand, as its confusing for myself to try and explain, I will try clarifying best I can.


Hi, I think you should write a message to support, they should know what next :slight_smile: Regards Greg

There must be another reason, it just cannot say that money on your skrill account is not good (whatever that even means)
Like that user said, try raising the concern with their support system, if you do not get any response, try raising the same concern with the regulatory bodies that NordFX is licensed with

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I wonder if you could buy bitcoin from a 3rd party using “tainted mastercard $”. Transfer money to their skrill account. Then sell the bitcoin for fiat. Would it become untainted? Please try and let us know if it works. Would be good for our general knowledge. :wink:

I’m surprised Skrill let you deposit money from your credit card into someone else’s named account. I didn’t think they allowed this. And if they did, perhaps that part of the problem, at least with your friends’ account.

You also have to make sure, with Nordfx, that your account AND credit cards are verified, which requires you to upload some documents if my memory serves right.

Did you try directly funding your Nordfx account with your MC?

Be carefull, because even if you manage to deposit using a friends account, most brokers wont allow wihtdrawals to cards or accounts that arent in the brokers account holder name.
It will probably be a pain in the ass to withdraw those funds later