Advice for beginners

Hello everyone,

In need of advice!! In the educational process, when should I start practicing the strategies learned in a demo account?

Although I am going to go through the process of analysis and evaluation of the trading platforms, which platforms do you recommend to start evaluating?

have a beautiful day!


Helloooo! :blush: Hmm. To be honest, I think you can already create a demo account as soon as you start studying chart patterns. :sweat_smile: Since this will let you see the patterns at work. Even better once you’ve found a strategy to use! Go ahead and get on to backtesting. :slight_smile: Maybe this thread could also help. :smiley:

One of the best way is to create demo account and try forming the strategy and find what can work in your trading in term of chart pattern, regression and correlation and then you will see how you can make a consistent profit in that way.