Advice on Forex course

Hey I just started trading and I saw some trading courses online but some of them look very scammy, now I’ve found a good one i think but I want your guys opinion. It’s called Schieman Trading, it looks very professional and it even has some reviews.

Please someone help me out?

If you want to learn forex properly you can trade on a demo account. A demo account is the best way to learn forex without any loss. You can also visit the educational section of babypips to learn many new things about trading.

I support what @HunterSolander has advised. Try to be patient. On this forum, you will learn from School of Pipsology and from other members as much if not more than you learn from a paid course. And it is free. In the past, I have spent about GBP4,000 on various trading courses, and although I do not regret the spend, I am sure I could have got this far by having some friends of similar interest. I only know one other person (real life, face to face) besides myself who consistently trades - Forex, stock, etc) and since he is a very busy executive, he tends to do that in fits and starts and not as a constant in his life. I sometimes feel the same. It’s a matter of how important your time is, and how many different pursuits you decide to attach your time to.

I will say this though. Of the time I have spent learning about trading, it has not only helped me in my trading and investment pursuits, the risk management has helped me in my primary role as a management consultant, and in understanding why our investment decisions in the past were (at the time) the correct decisions, but with hindsight, could have been considered in totality instead of conceived as a series of what felt like unjoined decisions.

Thank you guys… I will look further into it

so many forex course right now available in online , from all psychology of the school is more appropriate for the traders who are newcomers.

demo is the best solution i know for the beginners level but in practical there is no beginners who trade in demo seriously , so i mostly like to trade in a real account with minor balance.

I took up the pipsology course and that worked just fine for me. No need to go for any fancy paid courses, school of pipsology is a good course to clear all your trading basics.

I would recommend that you finish babypips course here and then check if you find that course as impressive as before or is it just the same material organized differently.

When it comes to forex learning it is either the school of pipsology or Udemy course that I suggest to people. Frankly, I have never heard about the course that you have mentioned. If you think it’s a good course, you can put your knowledge to the test and determine whether what you learnt is worth it or not.

People charge an arm and a leg for information you can find for free on the course on this website and on YoiTube. Save yourself the cash and put it into a good sized live account when ready

You can go for school of pipsology course. It really provides easy to understand content.