Advice on my chosen broker

Hi Guys
I am new to this world, but already love it. I have been advised on a broker. Is it ok to mention broker names on this forum. I would love to hear some words of wisdom about the broker i have in mind

There’s even a list of brokers here. No problem mentioning their names, it’s good to share. Cheers

Was going to use a broker called BDSWISS. Anyone know of that broker?

Any advice on Panda or kot4x

which broker is more appropriate for you it depends on your trading approach , if you love doing scalping should choose the broker which allows trading concept such as this.

very difficult to choose a right broker right now , because so many online brokers are available right now in Google and most of them are found to be scams.

It’s perfectly alright to post broker names here, in fact, there is an entire section on this forum meant for discussing and reviewing brokers. As for what broker should you use, that would depend on what kind of account you are looking for.

Always choose a reliable and trusted broker and you can find a broker after reading some online reviews about them if possible.

Choose a reputed broker who has the best trading conditions. As per your parameters and trading style, one can opt the best broker for themselves. Never forget to evaluate the brokers based on reviews and your own personal experience. Make a demo account with 3-4 brokers that you like and compare their conditions.