Advice on Stocks and Bonds/Commodities training for 'Start Up Investor'


I am fairly new to stock and bonds investments and would appreciate if someone would give me
information on how I may find the most appropriate investments without spending too much time
learning all of the trade. Would appreciate basic explanations on the risks and rewards and
potentials of a particular instrument.

Also, how do I recognise when is the best time to enter for a Silver/Gold trade, is there a
methodical way of knowing? Again, I would not like to spend too much time reading a lot.

At the moment, I have Hedge Fund investments that I would like to reevaluate. How should
I go about this?

ANY input is appreciated and do not feel obliged to answer all of these questions at once.

Kind Regards,

read news and keep an eye on market.

Anymore. Can anyone provide me with resources? :slight_smile: