Advice some good brokers with high connection speed with US VPS

hey fellows
i trade news and most of them are from US.
for now i have several accounts in different brokers and they have high speed with UK VPS.
but the US VPS is extremely low

probably you could advice some brokers but kindly only those with whom you trade using US VPS

thank you

If you have no problem with budget, you can try:

  • New York City Servers
  • Forex VPS

If you have IT skill (moderate level), use general VPS provider will be more powerful and less expensive.You can try

  • OVHClouds
  • VPS Mart
  • HostKey

There are superb VPS providers, but you need more advance skill, especially you are touching Linux VPS.

hey, thanks

i already use vps but it looks like broker servers are not located in us literally
you suppose if i change vps provider the result can be better? i have some concerns because my current vps provider offers 1-2ms if i connect to london server (london vps + broker’s london service)

Hi @VarSine, Are you sure the latency is 1-2 ms? If the latency is 1-2 ms, it’s more than enough. You won’t need anything better, unless you are facing problem with your EA.

I show you what I have. I’m using a broker which server in US




Canada is closer to US, but it’s not necessary faster compare to Japan or Singapore.

As long as your your speed can accommodate your requirement, don’t need to change VPS, unless you have problem with the provider or it’s bellow your requirement.

us vps scr
uk vps scr

here you can see UK VPS and USA VPS speed

Using UK VPS:
when i trade GBP news - the stop order opens like required
when i trade USD news then the stop order can be opened after 150-250 pips (i set stop order to open after 60 pips)

This friday going to try that USA VPS…but i have big concerns because of the speed

what do you think: can it be a problem by broker side or vps side?
i think that’s a broker problem…
*i have several accounts by different brokers and all of them has high speed when i use london vps
and low speed when i switch to usa speed

This problem belongs to broker. You can’t do anything. During news, no reliable broker. This is the reason to avoid news.
During news, don’t try market execution. Better to put pending order (buy / sell stop or buy / sell limit). You will still got slippage, unavoidable. If you are using EA, you can limit price deviation.

Other alternative, you can find other broker which has better LP. You can find authentic ECN broker, usually their execution is better. My experiences, Pepperstone (Razor), ICMarket (Raw Spread) and GoMarkets (Go+) are best in news trading. You can consider FPMarket, I don’t use it much, but feel good enough. Tickmill, on certain degree, is good enough.

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thanks for your attention and opinion mate, appreciate that :slight_smile:

im trading news for 3 years and only now decided to check for other options because that’s so annoying to not getting as much as i wanted xd

will try another bunch of brokers, thanks

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I trade news primarily from the US and have found that using brokers with a high-speed US VPS significantly improves my trading performance. In my experience, brokers like HFM and IG offer excellent execution speeds with US-based VPS services. These brokers are reliable for trading during high-impact news events, ensuring swift and efficient trade execution.

thanks, will check this week the speed of their real account

Recieved feedback on the problem by my current broker: their servers are located in UK so that’s why the UK news - no problems and US news have a delay

last week tested some of the ‘us’ brokers who ‘have’ us servers but the speed is not well (tested on us vps). will update that message with suggested brokers later