Advise Needed: Deciding on sth

Babypips friends,

I need some of your advise…

Today I just received an email about a forex trainer called Kishore M.
I looked at his profile… seem quite reputable…

Anyone of you purchase his course before? Is he real good?

The email is about his course called QuantumFX Pro …

I am deciding now… thinking of buying it …

Please advise.

i dont know him and he doesnt know me:D:D:D

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anyone that claims they can turn 1k into 78k is either very lucky and very highly leveraged or more likely just a lier and talking crap.

I’d sugest the latter, and the earlier i wouldnt advise if you want to be around in this business past midnight either.

I googled it and found it

Quantum FX Pro

Thats a link i found. Whilst googling it to see what it was.

What could his/her course possibly provide that you can’t find or obtain for free? Additionally, even if you knew nothing about the market except that it was risky, I would hope you could at least do the math and see that this man is claiming 780% in 2 months. That would mean if you put 10k down, you would make over 3 quarter mil in 2 months. Does that seem right to you? Of course not, this guy is full of s***. Even IF (big IF) he did that, you could just as easily lose it. Basically you would be playing lottery (probaby worse odds than lottery).

EDIT: Correction 7800%!!!

true. Yesterday, I went to Forexclub’s seminar, and they gave us free dvd’s and books on how to trade. I’m looking into forexclub - they seem to be very good.

Well you can ki$$ your money to good bye, thats for sure.
Think, a trader can trade market profitable! Why he/she is $elling you lecture

I get attracted to his course (or i should say his credibility) mainly because I saw his video which he was feature in Bloomberg & BBC…

I never see any forex trainer who is selling course with such a background…

That’s why I get somehow interested in his QuantumFX Pro course…

I am quite confused now… :slight_smile: should i purchase it…

Anyone has ever benefited from his course / his material before?

Hey Did you buy this Quantumfxpro Forex Trading course yet ?

If yes please let me know your experience … i am also in same boat…


Good traders make their money trading. Bad traders make their money selling stuff. There are good traders who will show you things, but it’s because they don’t want what took them a lifetime to discover to be lost with their passing. I’ve also seen good traders share their methods with employees to give themselves some help or a break. I’ve not seen good traders sell their methods. Why should they? They already have plenty of capital from a lifetime of good trading. It’s more rewarding to find deserving young people and train them to be top traders, and that usually takes months to years. That said, I haven’t been to his course, so I can’t speak specifically about it.

sophieolivia, I hate to throw away $100 on a gamble too. Go to the bottom of his sales page and sign up as an affiliate. Kishore M appears to operate out of Asia mainly, as in Singapore. His main course is $1000 I think. I have been following Russ Horn with Old Tree Publishing, have not found anyone to say a bad word about Russ.
Old Tree is promoting a new trader with Scientific Forex system. Trouble is her system is in realith a 21% per month system scalping mainly.
Good luck, let us know how you do,

Really? Drag up a year and a half old thread just to say that someone operates out of Singapore, then to turn around and spam the boards with two more names of shills that weren’t solicited for ?

Stevie Wonder could see through that.

Let us know how YOU do Mr. Salesman…

I appologize if I have violated any form rules, Master Tang. I am leary of Kishore M because of the exagerated claims he makes about profit. As for Russ Horn, I have shelled out $100 for his course and think it was worth the education. As for salesman, I do not make a dollar from any of them. So far I have just been spending money and demo trading. I cam back to Babypips to look for any comments on both of these. Got good reviews on Russ from Donnaforex but nothing on Kishore M. I was going to spend the $100 on the latter but decided I need to work on the one I have paid for.
Again I appologize foray infringement of rules.