Is there anyone in here who can give me any ebooks, article, or somethings about adx/dmi? Cause i want to learn it more deep. Thank you very much. Lucky pips for everyone

Adx is not a very strong indicator,

when +D and -D below ADx line price is moving downward, when above price moving upward, When +D and -D cross each other price is changing its position,

I recommend you MACD and RSI, study them in detail which is easily available on internet , you will get much better result then ADx.

Oh… i didn’t know that adx is not strong indicator. So you give advice to learn macd and rsi, do you know any books that discussong more deep about it? Thank you

sorry i didn’t know about books, because i never buy anyone, keep searching one day you will find what you want , it take me 6 days long searching to find how margin call and stopout work.
Every indicator have its own value, maybe i know less about ADx,
Fxkeys are providing free ebook about all forex terms and indicators, maybe their book help you.

Why i pick adx/dmi, because the first book i bought was adxcellence by dr.charles schaap. Thats why i am exciting to learn more deep about it. Can i ask you about macd and rsi? Can they treated equally for entry positions on gbpusd and eurjpy? I am sorry if i ask too much, cause i just a rookie on forex market. Thank you

Have you tried the School right here? As well as just about everything you will ever need to know about Forex, it explains all the common indicators, including adx.
Strongly suggest you spend some time studying before gambling (for thats what it is if you dont know what youre doing) your money

Whats wrong with the School right here?

I disagree with them saying adx is a weak indicator. It’s great! But I am afraid there’s nothing better than ADexcelence out there. The question is - why do you feel like you more? The book explains the indicator in great detail.
And to those who proposed RSI and MACD. They are also good indicators, but meant only for range trading. They are useless in trending conditions, the same as ADX is useless in ranges.

Here are couple of matereals about it, but I am afraid there’s nothing new in them that wouldn’y been described in ADexcelence

I just wonder to all forex traders. How long it takes to master the market using their own analysis for consistent profit? And what pairs that have a bigger probability in making huge pips? I am sorry if i ask too much. Thanks

There is no way to master the market. Market is a master itself and the only way to make money is to accept that and try to grab some pips market is giving you
No, but seriously - it takes different time for different people. The only way to shorten the learning curve is quality screen time.

Can i ask you again, what is the best pair to trade for a rookie just like me? Cause i am a little confused.
Some says, just trade eurusd, the other say gbpnzd, and the other say usdmxn. Because of it, i wanna some any opinions from all you guys.

Than you