ADX - MT4 and Dealbook giving different readings

Im trying out both MT4 and Dealbook 360.

I set the graphs to read ADX (50) with Di+ and Di-.

My problem is, as of 10:27 pm Tokyo time June 22 the two platforms have completely different readings onthe USD/JPY on the same settings:

ADX (50) = 16.7925
+DI = 12.6262
-DI = 19.9798

Dealbook 360
ADX (50) = 10.69
+DI = 18.3887
-DI = 23.3421

All I placed in the settings of both is set period on 50. Can anyone explain this discrepancy?

You would have to go into the computer programs of both to understand what numbers they are computing and how they are being computed.

I can help you with Dealbook.
Someone else here can surely help you with MT4.

In the Dealbook program, open the Chart Studio program.
It comes as an extra part of Dealbook and should set up a separate icon on your desktop.

Go to the menu, then click the help icon then go to the “library”.
Here all the programs of the Dealbook indicators are written out fully.

If you can now compare this with similar in MT4, you should be able to get your answers. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

Thanks Tymen1,
Im just puzzled why these programs will have 2 different formulas. I thought ADX was a standard formula, where you can change variables, but once these variables are the same it should come out the same.

You are quite correct!! :slight_smile:

But I suspect something is different in the calculations!! :confused:

I’ve never used an ADX before so I don’t know if those discrepancies are relatively small or gigantically huge. :smiley:

If they are just minor differences the problem could be caused by different broker time zones (which can make higher timeframe candles look different), or by one of the brokers disregarding Sunday data while the other is using it in their calculations.

These are the two most common reasons for differences in calculations between brokers.