After 19 years, Polio re-emerges in the Philippines

Dengue, measles, and now a polio outbreak in my country. :frowning: I think the recent vaccine scare spread by some government officials played a huge part in this. :frowning: People now think vaccines are biological weapons against a child and they refuse to get their children vaccinated. :frowning:

“This is what happens when you run a nation with fear and fake news, and use health for your personal political wars”

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Sad news to come across with.
Its no different in the west, I must say. The media is not really real here as well.

Do you know how many of the people who contracted Polio were vaccinated?

completely agree , no way to avoid

That site… is that what you frequently visit/read?

scary stuff


Ok, bait taken. I read a lot of things. What’s your point?

No point. Just wondering!

Have you ever wondered what brought Polio back to a country when it had been iradicated for almost 20 years? Could it be that the vaccines, which contain live strains of Polio, helped to reintroduce it to the region?

Here are some other sites that I visit and read.

I am guessing you are anti-vaccine? :open_mouth:

LOL. What gave me away? :smile:

Do your own research while keeping an open mind and you might just join my ranks.

I try to. Some questions:

  1. Have you always been?
  2. Are you vaccinated?

The hard part with the links you provided me though is the hardcore bias they hold for anti vaccination. If it were more tempered, maybe it’ll be a little different for me.

In order to figure out the “truth” you need to hear both sides and then judge for yourself. Roman judges used to ask “Cui bono, Cui profite?” when attempting to identify the perpetrators. Latin for “who benefits who profits?”. Ask yourself this same question when reading arguments from either side. No matter which side you land on it’s ok. This excersie will open up your mind for new thought and you will find additional material to help you to either keep your conclusions or to change them.

Its sad to learn that we all know about this and cannot do anything about it.

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Thanks for the article @QuadPip! :smiley: This may work for the flu. :slight_smile: Just not sure how to deal with the other diseases without vaccines though. :open_mouth: I mean, I feel like getting vaccinated is more efficient and faster protection. :open_mouth:

HUHUHUHU trueee! :frowning: :frowning: Do you have kids? :open_mouth: There are lots of other diseases spreading now, right? I heard there are also more cases of Diphtheria in the country too. :open_mouth:

And now it’s about to happen again with COVID19 vaccine - “Cui bono, Cui profite” !

Has that outbreak been put under control, ria_rose?