After Babypips school graduation

I feel like a Real Noob!

I will start demo trading right away. Any advice on which direction to take now? Should I choose Metatrader? Should I stay clear of EAs?

Aim to develop a profitable strategy and process on your demo account - using a regulated broker who segregates customer accounts from their own. Your above choices could be achieved by what suits you best.

Therefore practice and experiment for as long as it takes. There are no short cuts, and could take years to be confident enough to go live. And then you will need to cope with emotional challenges.

Best of luck.

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Hi trade-o-lantern

Well done on completing the School of Pipsology and making your first steps into trading. In my opinion, the School of Pipsology is great, but it’s just basic training and only scratches the surface of what you need to learn to be a profitable trader. Now you’ve completed it you will have a good understanding of how to trade and all the terminologies etc, so you will now be able to progress your education by seeking out more advanced teachings. You can do this by paying for a good course, watching other traders on YouTube, reading a lot of books etc etc.

I would also forget about EA’s until you know how to trade profitably manually.

Good luck on your trading journey.

Starting with demo trading is a great choice! MetaTrader is a popular platform for beginners. EAs (Expert Advisors) can be useful for automation but start by learning manual trading basics. Enjoy the learning process! :blush:

I recommend using Metatrader because it is user-friendly, and be cautious with EAs until you understand their mechanics completely.

Hello and welcome dear friend,
Please start working with MT4 and practice with demo accounts. After doing doing some experimental trades try to use EAs.

Thanks to Everybody for the encouragement. I began with an MT4 demo with disastrous results, next time I will take my time and I will try to apply some indicators and whatnot, but i am still at the point where I know very little of what I am doing.