After the School of Pipsology

Hey guys!

I really like babypips and the School of Pipsology. I’m halfway through it and I’m wondering what should I do after I finish it completely. Maybe I should start a new course, but I don’t know which one. Too many many scammers in trading community who lie about quality… I’m looking for something free and also somewhat advanced. What do you recommend?

I think you should start trading demo.

It all depends on you and how prepared you are. If you believe you are ready, you can utilize a demo account to practice what you have learnt and gain experience.

The School of Pipsology gives you the basics of Forex with $0 fee; the advanced section will be taught by the market but for some cash though, varies from trader to trader on how keen you are to not repeating same mistakes over and over - this cash is seen as your tuition fee.
But to get some downpayment just like getting approved for student loan, it’s best advised to start with a demo account. How best you treat this demo account as live account would make your student’s loan forgiveable.

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Why do you say this? Do you feel like what you’ve learned is not sufficient?

A youtuber completed this course, then like 2-3 more before becoming profitable. But since everyone here says that demo is the next logical step, it’s safe to assume that he completed those ones for mentor access.
For me personally, I take notes and try to understand everything thoroughly in this course, and I think I will start a demo account after completing the school of pipsology.

Ooh does he mention what the other 2-3 were?